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Training 4: Drupal 8 Theming Fundamentals

The Drupal 8 theme layer provides us with a structured space for the sacred files that enhance the visual presentation of our projects.

We will go over some introduction to the world of themes, walk through the process of creating our own custom themes, and explore what Drupal 8 has to offer to aid us with this along the way.

This session is great for developers new to Drupal 8 looking to dive into theming, intermediate developers who would like to solidify their knowledge of the theme layer, and anyone looking to understand what goes into visual side of development on the front end of Drupal 8.

Time & Date

June 12. 1:00-4:00 PM


  • Welcome + Introductions
  • Introduction to themes
  • Configuring our themes
  • The Twig template engine
  • Contributed themes from Drupal community 
  • Intro to breakpoints and responsive Drupal
  • Adding / removing regions of your theme
  • Template overrides / Twig debugging
  • Build tools & css preprocessors


Instructor: Tanner Fisher

Interactive Designer / Front-end Developer at Digital Echidna 


Free (in addition to your 2-day Drupal North admission).


Training Sponsor

Digital Echidna