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EDU Summit Keynote - Matt Cheney, Co-Founder Pantheon

Matt Cheny, Co-founder Pantheon

We're thrilled to announce that Matt Cheney, Co-founder of Pantheon, will be our keynote speaker during the Higher Education Summit at Drupal North on Wednesday, June 12th. 

Powering over 20% of all higher education websites, Drupal must be doing something right. Yet adoption of Drupal 8 lags across EDU land. But does this matter? Matt's talk focuses on RESULTS DRIVEN WEBSITES and how to get everyone what they want. His topic is "Making the Web Work for Higher Education."  

Matt brings interesting insights and a unique perspective to the summit. He'll share some of his experiences along with some examples.

About Our Speaker

The creation, dissemination and consumption of information is one of the world's most important processes. A formally trained librarian and traveller to over 115 countries, Matt Cheney has seen first-hand the global importance of this flow of information and the critical role that open-source technology can play in enabling that flow. 

For more than ten years, Matt has been active in the open source community, helping organize events that empower developers (BADCampDrupalcon SF), contributing code to the Drupal project that modernizes the end user experience (PanelsPanopoly), and co-founding a website consulting company that works directly with clients to share their information with the world (Chapter Three).

He co-founded Pantheon to make freely available development and hosting tools to make it easier for everyone to launch and run websites. Technology should be an enabler — not a barrier — and Matt's hope is that Pantheon can make the web better for everyone.

When he isn't working at Pantheon, Matt helps to run a fixed-gear bicycle shop called Mission Bicycle, travels the world, and cooks vegan food using cutting-edge molecular gastronomic techniques.