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Keynote Speaker - Todd Ross Nienkerk: The Future of Content

Todd Ross Nienkerk, Four Kitchens

We're excited to announce that Todd Ross Nienkerk, CEO and Co‑Founder of Four Kitchens, will be keynoting Drupal North this year. He is an active member of the web and open-source communities and has keynoted or spoken at more than 60 conferences around the world, including SXSW Interactive.

Todd will be speaking about "The Future of Content" with a focus on digital experiences and the human side of content creation and management.

In Todd's keynote, you’ll learn how publishers, universities, media companies, and nonprofits are thriving by adopting platforms built for the future of content. He will discuss centralized content management, context-aware content, multichannel and omnichannel publishing, decoupling your CMS and future-proofing your project.

Todd will close with a couple of Four Kitchens case studies that demonstrate how to get ready for the future of content.

Read more about Todd's keynote.


About Our Speaker

Todd has been involved in the web design and publishing industries since 1996. He has designed and built countless websites and written for, edited, and managed several digital and print publications. His background in design, development, communication, and psychology provides him with unique insight into how people interact with technology, information, and each other.

Todd co-founded Four Kitchens in 2006, and the Web Chefs have been making BIG websites ever since. As CEO, he guides Four Kitchens’ vision, culture, and long-term strategy. He believes the most effective leaders hire people smarter and better than themselves—as every Web Chef demonstrates on a daily basis.

Outside of Four Kitchens, Todd is a member of various boards and advisory councils, including I Live Here, I Give Here, one of Austin, Texas’ largest nonprofit giving communities.