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Contribution Room

Traditionally at a Drupal event, there's a room or day set aside for "code sprints." It gives developers and non-developers in the community the opportunity to work through patches and documentation -- moving the Drupal project forward.

This year, we're pleased to have AmyJune Hineline from Kanopi Studios leading the charge in our Contribution Room. She'll be there throughout both of the session days (June 13 and June 14).

AmyJune will also be presenting her session, "Drupal Contributions - A Pragmatic Approach to the Issue Cue," a number of times throughout each of the days in the Contribution Room. 

Feel free to drop by, say hello, see what you can do or listen to AmyJune's presentation.

You won't be disappointed! 

P.S. Check back here for the room location. 

About AmyJune Hineline

AmyJune (@volkswagenchick) is an active contributor in the open source world. As the Open Source Community Ambassador at Kanopi Studios, AmyJune helps to ensure her team remains connected to open-source communities.

AmyJune co-organizes various open source camps and conventions throughout North America, all while helping each of the communities be more inclusive. This focus enables others to forge deep community connections that benefit the whole.

As a self-described non-coder, she helps communities discover how they can contribute back in more ways than code. In addition to her work building community connections, AmyJune is an avid geocacher, noted Volkswagen enthusiast, and eats with her elbows on the table.